FundRite offers Reverse Consolidations to help small businesses who have overextended themselves with Merchant Cash Advances.

The FundRite Reverse Consolidation Program has been specifically designed to help small business owners who are currently in over their heads with Merchant Cash Advances lower their daily payments and stay on track.

If you are a small business owner who has multiple Merchant Cash Advances, we are here to help.

Our solution is to help your business break the cycle of taking out additional Cash Advances by depositing the funds directly into your bank account to continue paying your existing advances until they are fully paid, while taking a smaller daily payment from your account for an extended term. Our MCA consolidation lenders can lower your business’ daily payments (usually by 20-30%) and increases cash flow.

On a typical reverse consolidation transaction, we can also provide you with upfront funds so you do not need to stack another Merchant Cash Advance on top of your current advances.

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Consolidation Program Guidelines

  • Meet Normal Underwriting Criteria: No Returns on Advances
  • Few Negative Days/OD’s/NSF’s
  • Keep Average Daily Balance Close To Revenue
  • No Prior Defaults on Cash Advances
  • Merchant Has not Recieved New Money in the Past 30 Days (Exceptions May Be Made)
  • No recent short-term funding of less than sixty (60) days
  • May Fund chapter II or discharged bankruptcy
  • Remaining term on existing payments may not be more than approximately 110 payments
  • No consolidation of lines of credit or monthly payment loans