Whether your business has just started, or is well established, we have a financing solution for you.

FundRite, LLC is a commercial funding company with a specific focus on directly financing small businesses through Merchant Cash Advances and Reverse Consolidations. FundRite’s mission is to provide small business owners in the United States with a direct relationship to the funding they will need to solidify their ultimate goals.


Small business growth depends on efficient and frictionless access to funding, yet most businesses face numerous challenges that make it difficult to secure such capital. Entrepreneurs are often resource constrained because the traditional borrowing process is time-consuming and burdensome. There is no widely-accepted credit score for a small business, and frequently a small business owner’s personal credit score is used to assess creditworthiness even though it may not be indicative of the business’s actual credit profile.


Alternatively, Fundrite provides hope for entrepreneurs by leveraging its proprietary 4 C’s underwriting process taking into account the Character of the business owner, Cash Flow of the Business, Creditworthiness, and Ability to Collect on receivables.

We care about small businesses


We often make additional cash advances to current and past customers after they have fulfilled their payment obligations to FundRite.

In order for a current customer to qualify for a new advance while a payment obligation remains outstanding, the customer must be current on its scheduled payments and approximately half of any existing Merchant Cash Advance must be paid down. Our underwriting process for repeat customers is selective. We fully re-underwrite each repeat transaction and take into account the payment history of the repeat customer’s prior or existing advances.